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Advanced Ethical Hacking Expert Penetration Testing

Course Description:

This particular course is going to benefit the network administrator, security officers and other individuals who are concerned about the security and keen to learn the methodologies and techniques of ethical hacking and penetration testing. It will also add to the skills of the individual as how to find the vulnerabilities in the system using the similar technique as that of a hacker but with a difference in intention and motive.

Course Objectives:

It covers the ideology and methodology of White Hat hacking. The delegate will be immersed in an interactive environment where they'll learn to footprint organizations, perform port scanning, and exploit a variety of systems and architectures. Delegates get in-depth knowledge with follow-along demos and hands-on labs.


Course  Requirements

All delegates must have completed the 7S TP 201 course or have permission from our course director before taking this course. The target audiences for the course are 
Network professionals, who have a working experience as managing the networks
Security Professionals, seeking career as Security Implementers
People holding certifications like Security+, SCNP, CISSP, CISA etc.


Course Topics:

Hacking Techniques I
Attack & Penetration Testing 
Key Steps for A & P   
Tools whois, nslookup
Tools traceroute         


Hacking Techniques II
Advance Vulnerabilities & Exploitation Techniques   
Buffer overflow – Attacks / Vulnerability
What is Cross Site Scripting?

Unicode Attack           

Attacking Systems Linux
Introduction to an Operating System
Current application of Linux systems
Properties of Linux     
Linux Flavours
Which shell am I using?         

File Permissions and Access
Overview of Linux/Unix Security        
General System security        
Security as a policy    
Secure Shell (SSH)    


7S LF -306   Advanced Ethical Hacking Expert Penetration Testing                            (Contd.)
Attacking Systems Windows
Microsoft Corporation‘s Windows Operating System 
Common Vulnerabilities & Attacks     
Buffer Overflow in Messenger Service
Network vulnerabilities
How is it possible to crack somebody's password?   
Null Session/Anonymous Users Scanner (RedButton)

Local Attacks

Attacking Systems Novell Netware
Overview of Novell Netware   
What is a Novell Netware?     
Overview of Novell Netware Security
Password Guessing   
Enumeration and Password Guessing Countermeasure(s)   
Authenticated Enumeration    
Detecting Intruder Lockout     
Netware Security Message    

Novell Public Key Infrastructure

Attacking Networks Firewall & IDS
Understanding Firewall & IDS
What is a Firewall?     
What is IDS?  
IDS attack techniques
Firewall attack techniques
Vulnerabilities in Firewall       

Limitations of a Firewall

Spoofing Attack Countermeasure(s)
Backdoor Countermeasure(s)

Gaining ADMIN

Hacking Techniques Database Server
Overview of Database Server
Types of Databases   
Major Issues & Vulnerabilities
Sever Side Traces     
SQLScanner probing for SQL servers on the Internet           
Using TSQL.ASP       

Injection Attack Examples

What is Malicious Code?       
What is a Trojan?       
Packet Sniffing Techniques
Password Cracking Principles and Techniques         
Packet Sniffer 

Types of Malicious Code


Course Benefits:

In Advanced Ethical Hacking Expert Penetration Testing, you will delve deep into the less well-known, less obvious, and consequently more difficult to master techniques that are available today to penetration testers. you will walk out the door with the skills to identify and prevent the latest complex and complicated attacks by doing them yourself in our lab with your own two hands

Completion Conditions:

On successful completion of the course exam at the end of the training course will be awarded with the certificate of completion for 7S BP-306 viz. Certified Security Testing Professional (CSTP) qualification.

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