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Advanced Security Implementation (ASI)

Course Description:

ASI is a forty-hour course. The training is a combination of teacher-led lecture, in-class discussions, and hands-on lab exercises. There are eight domains covered in the course, covering issues such as: Cryptography and Data Security, Digital Signatures/Certificates, Biometrics, Law and Legislation, Computer Forensics, and Strong Authentication.

Course  Requirements

All delegates must have completed the 7S TP 201 course or have permission from our course director before taking this course. The target audiences for the course are  
Network professionals, who have a working experience as managing the networks
Security Professionals, seeking career as Security Implementers
People holding certifications like Security+, SCNP, CISSP, CISA etc.

Course Topics:

Introduction to Trusted Networks

Cryptography and Data Security

Computer Forensics

Law and Legislation


Strong Authentication

Digital Certificates

Digital Signatures

Trusted Network Implementation

Plan and Design a Trusted Network

Microsoft Trusted Networks Linux Trusted Networks
Managing Certificates Local Resource Security
Wireless Security Securing Email

Building Trusted Solutions

Tools and Techniques for advanced security implementation.

Completion Conditions:

A delegate is considered to have completed this course if he/she attends all five days, and satisfactorily completes the assigned exercises/tasks/tests. On completion each delegate is presented with a certificate of completion for 7 S TP 302.

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