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Certified Vulnerability Assessor Program

Course Description:

A 3 day hands on course for the IT officers. Experience all known and unknown vulnerabilities. Learn how to secure your system from such vulnerabilities. On passing the exam on the 3rd day you will be a Certified Vulnerability Assessor. Certification by a Global Certifying Authority,
Course Objectives:
A hands on program translates to much needed practical knowledge and skills related to IT Security. Helps participants experience all known and unknown vulnerabilities and helps them learn how to secure their systems from such vulnerabilities.

Course Requirements

All delegates  must complete 7S TP-101  or have permission fromour course director before taking this course.

Course Topics:

Topics in this course include the following:

Day One :

  • Introduction to the program
  • Introduction to IT Environment and Threats !
  • Introduction to IT Vulnerabilities
  • Introduction to CVE and CIVN and NVD
  • Common vulnerabilities in Operating systems, database management systems, web servers, networks, protocols and services
  • Vulnerability identification using tools

Day Two

  • Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment Planning & Reporting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Information Security Management System(ISMS)
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • Relevance of Vulnerability assessment in ISMS and Compliance requirements

Day Three :

  • Case Study & Exam
  • Case Study Exercise
  • Case Study Reporting
  • Written Exam

Completion Conditions :

A delegate is considered to have completed this course if he/she attends all three days, and satisfactorily completes the assigned exercises/tasks/tests. On completion each delegate is presented with a certificate of completion for 7 S TP 202

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