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Introduction to Cyber Crime

Course Description:

7S TP-102 is designed as an introduction to cyber crime and computer forensics. It has been designed to be especially useful for first responders and investigators both. It provides detailed bag-and-tag information, an introduction to the basic concepts of cyber crime and computer forensics, and lays ground work for more advanced concepts.

Course Objective

On the completion of the course the delegate will be familiar with the basics concepts of cyber crime and computer forensics. Furthermore, they will be able to perform a search and seizure that results in evidence that is admissible in a court of law.

Course Requirements

There are currently no prerequisites for this course.

Course Topics:

Topics in this course include the following:

  • Basic introduction to cyber crime
  • Basic introduction to computer forensics
  • Computer hardware and software overview
  • What is and how to treat digital evidence
  • The basics behind hard disk structure
  • RAM slack, Disk slack, and File slack
  • What is and how to create a forensically sound copy of digital evidence
  • An overview of data recovery
  • Detailed bag and tag instruction

Completion Conditions :

A delegate is considered to have completed this course if he/she attends all days, and satisfactorily completes the assigned exercises/tasks/tests. On completion each delegate is presented with a certificate of completion for 7S TP-102 .

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