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Developing Cyber Security Policies

Course Description:

A 2 day hands on course for the Law enforcement officers. A cyber security policy is derived to provide guidelines on how to best conduct business with security, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility in mind. Security assurance and user-friendly sites are required if businesses are to be successful at attracting customers to their Internet sites. It is therefore important to be able to understand the business requirements and be able to translate these into a public network presence with security in mind.

Course Objectives:

A hands on program translates to much needed practical knowledge and skills related to IT Security. Helps them develop cyber security policies related to information assets can be considered to be and include items such as valuable and sensitive data that needs to be kept secure and confidential. For example financial data, client information or employee contract details. And Business critical hardware such as routers, switches, network cables, firewalls, file servers, desktops, laptops, modems and backup systems are equally important to protect. Helps participants learn how to develop policies to protect their assets from threats vulnerabilities.

Course  Requirements

All delegates must complete 7S TP-103 or have permission from our course director before taking this course.

Course Topics:

Topics in this course include the following:

  • Security Overview
  • Areas of Investigation
  • Introduction to IT Environment and Threats !
  • Introduction to IT Vulnerabilities
  • Assessing the Risks
  • Auditing and its use to identifying vulnerabilities
  • Security Poilcy
  • Administrators policy
  • Password Policy
  • Backup and recovery Policy
  • Computer user policy and user training
  • Network Policy
  • ARemote access policy
  • Physical Security Policy
  • "Best practice" procedures to incorporate incident handling in the event of business attacks

Completion Conditions:

A delegate is considered to have completed this course if he/she attends all the days, and satisfactorily completes the assigned exercises/tasks/tests. On completion each delegate is presented with a certificate of completion for 7 S TP 202

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