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IT System Audits

7 Step offers professional Audits for entire IT systems or a part of them. Battle tested 7 Step IT auditors will help you obtain evidence to determine if the information systems are safeguarding your assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization's goals or objectives. A clear view of your entire IT infrastructure could help you achieve substantial financial savings and avoid security, compliancy and productivity challenges .

Are you facing any of the following challenges in your business?

  • Faced with a high growth business, but have not found the time to sit and plan the supporting IT systems properly?
  • Does your business have an updated list of all software installed on the network to see if your business has the correct licensing or is unwittingly participating in software piracy and risking big fines?
  • Is your organization is struggling to ensure that your servers are properly configured for both efficiency and security?
  • Are you unable to identify any hardware or software specific productivity drains that are eroding your profitability?

Today regulators want you to control key IT information processes and to clearly demonstrate such control through rigorous systems and audits. 7 Step IT audits are based on industry best practice frameworks like COBIT ,VAL IT ,ITIL to ensure that a company's IT systems are robust and sound. 7 Step IT audits may include audits of the IT infrastructure, Web applications, network security, application security, and a vulnerability assessment and penetration test.

7 Step IT Audit Solutions include

  • Asset listing of all hardware, software for your accounting /budgeting and equipment lifecycle planning
  • Analysis of Environmental conditions for equipment including heat and power protection
  • Network architecture and Network design analysis and Network administration
  • Operating systems versions and security/bug patching
  • Analysis of Backup systems hardware, software, data sets, disaster readiness and risks
  • Increase desktop and server utilisation rates, identify best consolidation and virtualisation targets, create a predictable investment plan


  • Report on appropriateness of hardware in all PC-based equipment and how that impacts performance
  • Report on server hardware appropriateness, performance, levels of redundancy and any associated risks.
  • Network Architecture Review Report – covering the loopholes in the current IT network architecture and threats due to them

Your business benefits from having an

  • Reduced Cost of your IT Infrastructure -
  • Robust, redundant and secure network architecture
  • Security & Compliance reduce support costs
  • Reduce power consumption and carbon footprint
  • Improved application supportability and reduced security threats
  • Updated and manageable information risk portfolio

Reduce power consumption and carbon footprint to Reduced power consumption and carbon footprint

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