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Introduction to Information Security

Course Description:

7S BP103 is designed as an introduction to basics of Information Security. It has been created to be especially useful for law enforcement officers who may need an understanding of the fundamental skills and requirements for managing a programme for Cyber Security .

Course Objective

On the completion of this course, the delegate will be familiar with basic concepts of Information Security which are necessary for a computer forensics investigator.

Course Requirements

There are currently no prerequisites for this course.

Course Overview

The One-Day / Eight hours Security Awareness Program Overview:

Ser No Lesson Explanation
1 Security Awareness Introduction Why care about security?
2 Network and TCP/IP Basics How computers talk to each other
3 Computer and Network Security Fundamentals What is computer security anyway
4 Network Access How to get to your stuff
5 Data Confidentiality and Information Management How to deal with Secret Stuff
6 Viruses, Trojans, and Worms Malicious Codes and Scripts
7 Backups And, why you need to have them
8 Resource Usage Staying safe on the Internet
9 Internet and eMail Security How to guard against hackers and malicious content
10 Software Piracy It's on my computer, can I
    keep it


Completion Benefits :

The Customized Training on Security Awareness is designed for the law enforcement officials which bring security knowledge in easy to understand language without all the techno-speak. These concepts are especially useful for those planning to take the next level Intermediate classes.

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