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End user Information Security Training

Course Description:

Information security awareness and training is critical to any organization's information security strategy and supporting security operations. Installing the latest security hardware and software means nothing if end users don't practice cyber safety. And the best way to get end users to 'think security' is to create an ongoing culture of security at your company.

7S BP104 is designed as an introduction to basics of Information Security from an end user perspective. People are in many cases the last line of defense against threats such as malicious code, disgruntled employees, and malicious third parties. Therefore, people need to be educated on what your organization considers appropriate security-conscious behavior, and also what security best practices they need to incorporate in their daily business activities.

Course Objective

On the completion of this course, the delegate will be equipped with  content that can be leveraged for effective security awareness presentations to organizations’ entire workforces, and also can be used to serve as an official launch of the information security awareness and training program in your organization.

Course Requirements

There are currently no prerequisites for this course.                                                                              

Course Overview:The One-Day / Eight hours Security Awareness Program Overview:
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Security Awareness Introduction
  • Network and TCP/IP Basics
  • Computer and Network Security Fundamentals
  • Network Access
  • Data Confidentiality and Information Management
  • Viruses, Trojans, and Worms
  • Backups
  • Resource Usage
  • Internet and eMail Security
  • Software Piracy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Calculating Risk
  • Asset Identification
  • Threat Assessment
  • Impact Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Performing Risk Analysis
  • Concepts
  • Methods
  • Process
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Continual Risk Analysis
  • Security Technology Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Exploitation Management
  • Systems Availability
  • Creating a Security Policy
  • Concepts
  • Policy Design
  • Sample security policies
  • Privacy
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Human Resources Policy
  • Incident Handling and Escalation Procedures
  • Security Incidents
  • Handling Procedure
  • Incident Specific Procedure
  • Incident Response Policy

Course Benefits :

The Customized Training on Security Awareness is designed for the law enforcement officials which bring security knowledge in easy to understand language without all the techno-speak. These concepts are especially useful for those planning to take the next level Intermediate classes.

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