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Network Defense and Countermeasures (NDC)

Course Description:

NDC is a five-day (forty hours) course. The training is a combination of teacher-led lecture, in-class discussions, and hands-on lab exercises. The course consists of six domains, covering issues such as: Security fundamentals, IP Signature and Analysis, Firewalls, Risk Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Virtual Private Networks.

Course  Requirements

All delegates must have completed the 7S TP 201 course or have permission from our course director before taking this course.

Course Topics:

Network Defence
Network Defence / Defensive Technologies
Objectives of Access Control/Impact of Defence Network Auditing Concepts

Designing Firewall Systems
Firewall component/Firewall Policy
Rule Set & Packet Filters/Proxy Server

The Bastion Pot/Honey pot

Configuring Firewalls
Firewall Implementation Practice
Installing and configuring firewall 
Installing and Configuring ISA Server 
Monitor ISA server/ IP chains Concepts Implementing Firewall Technologies

Configuring VPN
VPN Fundamental
IP Security Protocol/VPN Design & Architect
VPN Security/Configuring VPN

Designing IDS
The Goal of Intrusion Detection Systems
Technologies/Techniques of IDS
Host-based IDS/Network Based IDS
The Analysis/How to use an IDS What an IDS cannot do

Configuring an IDS
Snort Foundation/Snort Installation
Snort as an IDS
Configuring ISS Scanners

Analyzing Intrusion Signatures

Performance A Risk Analysis

Signature Analysis
Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures
Signatures/Normal Traffic Signatures Abnormal traffic Signatures

Concept of Risk Analysis
Methods/Process of Risk Analysis
Techniques to Minimize Risk Continual Risk Analysis

Creating A Security policy

The Policy Design/The Policies
An Example Policy Incident Handling & Escalation Procedures

Completion Conditions:

A delegate is considered to have completed this course if he/she attends all five days, and satisfactorily completes the assigned exercises/tasks/tests. On completion each delegate is presented with a certificate of completion for 7 S TP 301.

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