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Customer Service Excellence

Providing great customer service is much more than just a job for the front lines or the call centers. It takes coordination from the top, bringing together people, management, technology, and processes to put customers' needs first. That's true today more than ever

The Seven Step Customer Service Excellence Framework is meant for organizations which view great customer service as a founding, fundamental principle make Customer Service Excellence as the centerpiece of their business growth plans and customer-centered strategies. These are service leaders that don't just meet customer needs but anticipate and exceed them!

It is a practical tool for driving customer-focused change in your organization.

Seven Step's Customer Service Excellence Framework helps you define & manage the level of customer service that your customers can expect. Its helps define to team members, what obligations they face towards customers while performing and delivering their daily functions!

Is your business faced with some of the following challenges?

  • Have you established the customer service standards and systems that can make every customer feel special clients and companies
  • Do all your staff members know how they should perform their job and how they should behave with your customers?.
  • Do they understand the impression they create with their customers?
  • Is your Complaints handling procedure clear to your customers and employees?
  • Is your company skilling its employees by training and developing their customer Service Skills in the following areas
  • ✓conflict resolution
  • ✓ mediation
  • ✓ handling difficult clients
  • ✓ negotiation
  • ✓ active listening
  • ✓ interpersonal communication
  • ✓ consulting with clients
  • ✓ confidentiality
  • ✓ running effective meetings
  • ✓ telephone techniques
  • ✓ customer/client service
  • ✓ quality improvement
  • ✓ stress and time management
  • ✓ coping with change
  • ✓ assertiveness
  • Is your organizations tracking the customers' perceptions of the value received from your organization?

The Seven Step Customer Service Excellence solutions cover the gamut of:

Customer Service Consulting

Customer Service Training

Mystery Shopping Services

Certification Consulting to the Customer Complaints Management standard ISO 10002:2004

Customer Relationship Management Software

Complaints Management / Complaint Handling Software

Seven Step's expert consultants leverage their service industry experiences and help your business:

  • Regard every customer as valuable and important, ensuring that customers return and refer others to the business
  • Customers feel welcome and appreciated by your businesses
  • Customer Needs and expectation are anticipated, met and exceeded
  • Customer, employer, and employee have a shared understanding of service excellence
  • Customer Service will be delivered effectively, pleasantly, and with respect and courtesy
  • Customers can expect an Environment where they can bring concerns or complaints and receive a positive response
  • Employees Demonstrate initiative when a customer requests something you don't have, or know.

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