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Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Audits

Stringent corporate governance, and accountability reforms, that followed the corporate failures of the past, have dramatically changed today's business environment - placing great responsibility on the management and demanding seamless operations.

The 7 Step Enterprise GRC Audit Service is an integrated framework that unifies governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions to achieve a consistent and holistic vision across the organisation for all types of audits - financial, risk, operations, internal, suppliers, and compliance –so that auditing priorities are determined by an enterprise-level risk-based approach and not departmental and tactical imperatives.

If your organizations is constantly being challenged to navigate through the proliferation of new standards and stringent corporate governance and accountability norms that have followed the corporate failures of the past, our Enterprise GRC auditors will help you evolve a properly structured Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) audit function to manage your needs of regulatory compliance and business process optimization. 7 Step GRC auditors help you in developing a specific audit strategy that is capable of addressing key organizational and emerging risks.

Are you facing any of the following challenges in your business?

  • Your organization is attempting to address a broad spectrum of governance, risk, compliance and quality management needs including operational compliance in areas like quality, safety, environment, suppliers and other industry mandates?
  • Your organization is struggling with the varying regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements.
  • Is Your organization unable to build a risk-aware culture, that supports informed decision-making by addressing multiple compliance and assurance layers ?
  • Are you unable to move from mere compliance to rationalising risk management, controls and assurance structures and processes, and intelligent use of IT and data management structures?
  • Is Your organization unable to shift away from compliance towards risk-based auditing ?

7 Step Enterprise GRC auditors will help you to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges provided by evolving risk profiles and rapidly changing regulatory requirements by

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits identifying which risks, controls and requirements are being met
  • Create GRC audit programs and schedules, manage resources
  • Manage GRC audit work papers, checklists, templates
  • Summarize and present GRC audit reports
  • Track time, status and GRC Audit costs


  • GRC Compliance Audit Report : A detailed report on GRC compliance and gaps identified
  • GRC Improvement Roadmap: A comprehensive document on closing the gaps and improving the existing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processesTop of Form

Your business benefits from having an

  • Improved Compliance by better adherence to complex regulatory, legislative and governmental regulations
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and linkage to strategy by using an integrated framework in support of their strategic objectives
  • Increased assurance at board level with respect to risks and controls
  • Better corporate governance and awareness of risk management

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