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7Step Knowledge Seminars™

All About 7Step Knowledge Seminars™

7 Step Knowledge Seminars ™ are special industry events that allow you to meet experts in a range of fields, find out more about our range of services, solutions and products and also learn the latest developments in an area of your interest.

7 Step Knowledge Seminars ™ are designed to bring to the participants the unique depth of knowledge of industry experts in their relevant industry sector and area of interest. These series of workshops provide participating delegates invaluable insights into latest industry trends and technological and issues like Risk, Governance & Compliance ,Information Security ,IT Security ,Cyber crime, IT Service Management, Quality, Health and Safety ,Environment ,Business continuity , that impact and that are at the heart of every day-to-day business.

Each event has a dedicated theme - Innovating Safety, Managing Information Security , The Green Marketplace etc and cover a host of pressing issues shaping the current and future landscape of business enterprise .

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